Oakland Park Property

1367-1369 Byrere Terrace SW
Atlanta, GA 30310

Investor's Cost : $74,900.00
Rehab Estimate : $40,000.00- $45,000.00
Estimated Gross Return : ~13.2-13.8%
Monthly Rental : $1,250/mo ($625/side)


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Jump on the Oakland Park train before it's too late!! Values in Oakland City are constantly rising and this 4x2 1780+ sqft unit is a great starting point for any fix/hold investor. Property is currently a duplex (2x1 each side) and comps are pulling $1,250 monthly (conservative). Budget includes new roof, window replacements, systems upgrades , interior/exterior paint, new rental grade flooring throughout, bathroom and kitchen upgrades. Let's not wait until properties asking prices reach 100k+, buy EARLY and be apart of the Southwest transformation. Property is amazingly located with walk-able access to MARTA, and minutes away from downtown Atlanta without even worrying about unpleasant highway traffic. Please contact Kevin for access at 404-913-3855.