Southwest Property

811 Braemar Ave SW
Atlanta, GA 30311

ARV (After Rehab Value)* : $240,000.00
Investor's Cost : $142,000.00
Rehab Estimate : $50,000.00


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Beautiful ranch on a partial basement with garage below, nice ample back yard to help with resale.  Systems are fairly new, no need to replace.  Renovate the bathrooms and kitchen, refinish the floors, paint and trim and this house could look brand new.  Do a little extra and reach higher resale value or do a little less and still make money on this deal.  The value on this part of town is there to make this deal work!  One comp had a bare minimum rehab and sold for 197K, and an unrenovated house sold for 160K, with most comps in the 240K range this house is a Gem! Please contact Kevin for access (404) 913-3855