Oakland City Property

1444 Lynford Dr. SW
Atlanta, GA 30310

ARV (After Rehab Value)* : $305,000.00
Investor's Cost : $149,900.00
Rehab Estimate : $85,000.00
Estimated Gross Profit : $70,100.00


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Talk about a diamond in the rough! This home needs everything but a roof! It currently has all the square footage needed for comps, however a cinder block foundation has been built in back to add 200 sq ft. Keep it or don't, it's up to 
you. Plan on some minor foundation repair, rewire, floor plan revision, sheet rock, two new baths, full kitchen etc. This home has water in the basement from before the new roof install, but is watertight now. Jump on this one now as Oakland City is one of Atlanta's most sought after areas! Please contact Kevin for access (404) 913-3855.